Jul 11 • 49M

EP.02 Jerry Michalski on systems thinking and second brains

In this episode of Sane New World, Ida speaks with Jerry Michalski about his observations on society and the mind through decades of tech-industry trend analysis.

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Ida Josefiina
On Sane New World, Sane’s co-founder and CEO Ida Josefiina speaks with researchers, technologists, and thinkers about the pursuit of ideas.
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In this second episode of Sane New World, I’m chatting with Jerry about the impact of his discovery of systems thinking in grad school, influences from Russell Ackoff and Alice Miller, the lens through which Jerry viewed the world as the managing editor of Esther Dyson’s newsletter, and how he became a cyborg through 25 years of curating his second brain.

We also talk about the future. How we hope certain developments in tech can lead us to a better path of self-fulfilment, and our shared desire to think about the future of work more as the future of creativity rather than pure productivity.