Jun 27 • 46M

EP 0.1 Molly Mielke: On ways of seeing

In this episode of Sane New World, Ida speaks with Molly Mielke about her personal journey of discovery from film school to venture capital and beyond.

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Ida Josefiina
On Sane New World, Sane’s co-founder and CEO Ida Josefiina speaks with researchers, technologists, and thinkers about the pursuit of ideas.
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We have a new podcast! Welcome to Sane New World (audio edition) where we talk about the pursuit of ideas.

In this first episode, I am speaking with Molly Mielke. Molly is the solo GP behind Moth Fund, an early-stage-focused venture fund that aims to increase the agency of exceptional individuals. She previously worked at Figma, Notion, Stripe, and the Browser Company, specializing in storytelling in all its forms. Molly is also a wonderful writer and essayist. You can get a glimpse into some of her work through her various Substacks: Mind Mud, Milky, and Moth Fund.