Jul 27 • 50M

EP.03 Bruno Lloret on cultivating creativity

In this episode of Sane New World, Ida speaks with Bruno Lloret about creativity, literature, and the development of ideas.

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Ida Josefiina
On Sane New World, Sane’s co-founder and CEO Ida Josefiina speaks with researchers, technologists, and thinkers about the pursuit of ideas.
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In this third episode of Sane New World, I’m speaking with Bruno Lloret. Bruno is a writer and researcher, and full disclosure he’s also my husband! Bruno and I chat about many things related to creativity, literature, and the exploration of ideas. We talk about his journey to becoming a writer, painter, and a teacher of creative writing. We discuss ideas themselves — where they come from and how they’re developed, and the nature of creative work itself.